Storm Panels Removable

Storm Panels Removable

Economical protection; easy to install; custom engineered to exact specification; space saver. Generally the cost to protect your home or business with storm panels will cost about 2% of your home value.


Storm panels come in three types of applications.

  • Steel: traditionally heavier than the Aluminum Shutter; most cost effective Shutter available.
  • Aluminum: light weight; rust-free, ideal for coastal environments.
  • Lexan: (polycarbonate)– light weight clear panel; ideal for annual protection and to allow sunlight to penetrate thru the opening.


The Collier Removable Storm Panels are precision, roll-formed structural panels available in various gauges (thickness) for use over glass doors, windows and storefronts. This system generally incorporates a header and sill track to allow easy installation and removal. These panels provide protection from storms, while adding security. The header is installed above the opening and the sill is installed below the opening. The panels are inserted into the header and fastened with stainless steel bolts to the bottom sill. In some case were applicable the bottom sill can be made removable to prevent obstructions that may occur thru common walkways. Panels can be stored along with tracks generally in a garage or shed. Ten panels approximately take up one inch and the panels are fourteen inches in width. Removable storm panels require no maintenance.


Custom colors available at an additional cost