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Our Portfolio

Storm Panels Removable

Economical protection; easy to install; custom engineered to exact specification; space saver. Generally the cost to protect your home or business with storm panels will cost about 2% of your home value.


Storm panels come in three types of applications.

  • Steel: traditionally heavier than the Aluminum Shutter; most cost effective Shutter available.
  • Aluminum: light weight; rust-free, ideal for coastal environments.
  • Lexan: (polycarbonate)– light weight clear panel; ideal for annual protection and to allow sunlight to penetrate thru the opening.


The Collier Removable Storm Panels are precision, roll-formed structural panels available in various gauges (thickness) for use over glass doors, windows and storefronts. This system generally incorporates a header and sill track to allow easy installation and removal. These panels provide protection from storms, while adding security. The header is installed above the opening and the sill is installed below the opening. The panels are inserted into the header and fastened with stainless steel bolts to the bottom sill. In some case were applicable the bottom sill can be made removable to prevent obstructions that may occur thru common walkways. Panels can be stored along with tracks generally in a garage or shed. Ten panels approximately take up one inch and the panels are fourteen inches in width. Removable storm panels require no maintenance.


Custom colors available at an additional cost

Bahamas Shutter


Bahama shutters can be made operational or permanently affixed. Bahama shutters are Florida Building Code Approved and Impact Rated and are ideal for aesthetics and as a sunshade.


  • Residential: Quality built to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions such as hurricanes, salt air and high humidity, the energy saving Bahama aluminum shutters are ideal for use on homes, apartments, condominiums and townhouses. Also as a sun control device, the Bahama is highly effective in reducing solar heat build-up over windows, porches, carports and other areas. Especially practical to cover sliding glass doors using a track installed above the opening to make it roll horizontally and to enclose terraces, patios, and balconies.


  • Commercial: Providing privacy, sun control, weather protection and security, the ISLANDER aluminum shutters are not only functional but attractive for commercial applications such as banks, schools, and other institutions. Since our traditional design is more attractive than ordinary industrial louvers, imaginative architects and engineers are continually creating new arrangements. You can design new building exteriors or reface existing facades.


The Bahama is manufactured in standard production sizes or can be custom-made to your exact requirements. The standard colors are White, Ivory, Beige, & Bronze. Custom colors are available for an additional charge.

Accordion shutter

Accordion Shutter

Permanently affixed; easy manual operation; ideal for lanai’s and high-rise buildings and serves as added security. Enjoy your screened porch or balcony all year-round by reducing unwanted sun or cold winter winds. See-through vents can be installed if desired for complete privacy when needed. With just a touch of your finger, Collier’s folding Accordion Shutter lock from the inside or outside. Weather resistant and burglar-proof safety.


Ideal for high-rise apartments, condominiums and storefronts. Manufactured from heavy aluminum extrusions with .125″ thick headers & 6063T, finest quality stainless steel carriers and nylon wheels will offer years of maintenance free service. To prevent pitting and corrosion, these shutters are electro-statically painted with modified acrylic/polyester enamel applied over properly pre-treated aluminum and baked at 350 degrees for durability and long life.


Each Shutter of painted aluminum passes standard tests as recommended by ASTM and AAMA 603.8. Available in medium bronze, beige, ivory, and white colors. Accordion Shutter consist of a top and bottom track that are permanently mounted above and below the opening. In some cases the bottom track can be made removable to prevent any hazards that can arise. The shutters operate by folding in a horizontal application.


The Accordion Shutter can be locked from either inside or outside of the shutter furthermore adding more security to the owner. When the shutters are not in use they simply stack to the sides of the opening and generally do not obstruct any views. Collier’s Bertha Accordion System has been designed to reduce stacking, while enhancing its strength. The Accordion Shutter can be deployed when a storm is threatening within minutes. There are no needs for storage with the accordion system so it enables you to free up valuable storage space. Accordion Shutter do require a yearly maintenance application of dry silicon to be sprayed onto the nylon rollers.


Accordion Shutter are the most popular type of hurricane shutter because of their easy operation.  They are a “mid-level” priced alternative to hurricane panels.  They are permanently mounted and allow anyone to open or close them with very minimal effort. We manufacture Accordion Shutters in a variety of colors to match the paint scheme of your home.  They’re manufactured out of extruded aluminum which means that oxidation will not be an issue and therefore, maintenance is very minimal.


Accordion Shutter come in four standard colors White, Ivory, Beige, & Bronze.

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Roll Down Shutter


ROLL-UP SHUTTER are permanently affixed; electrical or manual operation; Ideal for storm protection, security, privacy, sunshade, and Insulation.


  • Vented – Allows light and air penetration; Ideal for Sunshade and Privacy.
  • Non-Vented – No light and air penetration; Complete Closure.
  • Our Collier Roll-up Shutter is available in a variety of assembly configurations and can be used for storm protection, privacy, security, sunshade, and/or insulation in cooler climates.


Operation can be manual using a hand crank from the interior or exterior, electrically operated, or a combination of both. We also offer a variety of electronic accessories such as remote controllers, timers, and weather and light sensors to customize your shutter system to meet the requirements of today’s modern architectural designs.


Two types of assembly systems are available. Our end-cap ideal for export and retrofit applications, and our bracket system can be used in custom applications and new construction. Both systems utilize only the highest quality components and fasteners available in the industry today.


Roll Down Shutters consist of a permanently fixed box above the opening and tracks along the sides of the opening. The standard box sizes come in 8″, 10″, 12″ however custom sizes are also available. When the shutter is not in use it is stored into the box affixed above the opening. When the shutter is deployed it simply operates down into the track and also can protect from any forced entry and unwanted theft.


Roll-up Shutters are the most convenient and easy to use system.  They can be operated from inside or outside the property.  They are ideal for 2nd story applications as well as windows that are not easily accessible with a ladder. They are also great for covering Lanai openings creating extra room to store all your patio furniture and/or toys without having to drag everything inside the house.  The sky is the limit with this product!!!  We offer a wide variety of accessories for this type of shutter such as Remote Controls, Battery Back-Ups, Wind Sensors, Sun Sensors and Master Control Modules to operate everything with just the flip of a switch at home or just by pressing a key on your cell phone!!! As manufacturer’s we can custom make a shutter to fit pretty much any application.


For your convenience, our in house engineering staff is available to assist you in developing the system best suitable for your requirements.


Roll Down shutters come in four standard colors White, Ivory, Beige, & Bronze.

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